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Royale' Creative

Version 3.0??

May 30 2012



So I decided to actually start using this site to showcase photos, but realized quickly that the Flash site was way to cumbersome to manage. Another makeover was needed. So I built a basic Html/Css site and was just putting the finishing touches on it, when a friend turned me on to "themeforest.com", a marketplace for professional designed and coded website templates. After having a look I decided that the site would be markedly better if I scrapped my work and used a template. So out with 3.0 and on to website version 4.0.

Royale' Creative

Website design update

September 2010



So I have made a few changes and tweaked a few things in the website. I think it's an improvement. Publishing the files seems to degrade the picture quality and so I'm not completely happy with that, but I guess for now I can accept it. I think it's time to put to rest the modifications and just go with this 2.0 version. Now it's time to get out there and get some more photos......

And a little later....... Ok. So I figured out why my pictures weren't showing up accurately on this website and have undone my mistake. For anyone constructing a website with Dreamweaver and Flash movies: Don't resize/rescale a Flash Movie (.swf) in Dreamweaver. It will mess up your pictures.

Royale' Creative

My Website Overhaul

August 22, 2010

I am pleased to have finished building and publishing this Flashed based website. It's been a labor of love, frustration and satisfaction now that it's finally ready to be presented for the world to see. I will continue to take photos and present them in the galleries. Here in this Blog space I will ocassionally write about the photos and my experiences taking them. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting.

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