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Version 3.0??

May 30th 2012



Royale' Creative
So I decided to actually start using this site to showcase photos, but realized quickly that the Flash site was way to cumbersome to manage. Another makeover was needed. So I built a basic Html/CSS site and was just putting the finishing touches on it, when a friend turned me on to "themeforest.com", a marketplace for professionally designed and coded website templates. After having a look I decided that the site would be markedly better if I scrapped my work and used a template. So out with 3.0 and on to website version 4.0.

What you see now is the theme "Royale" with my tweaks and style changes. The theme is well built and so far I'm pretty happy with the look and functionality.

Now it's time to concentrate on the photography end and go out and get some great new pics....

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